Here are some things that were learned in a first business English lesson today

Today's business English lesson


If these business English idioms and expressions look like something you would like to learn then sign up for a Skype lesson today. Thanks to the technology of Realtime Board whiteboard system we can customize lessons with English language resources from all over. We can use images, pdf files, video all integrated into one convenient whiteboard that can be viewed by you, our student, while we have a video conference on Skype. Technology makes it very convenient to have one on one customized lessons with interesting and relevant content that you want to learn. We can have great conversational practice with audio and video over Skype while sharing all the whiteboard content with you right to your screen making it even better with visual content. We conduct English reading, speaking, pronunciation, conversation and visual learning all into one convenient English lesson right in the comfort of your home with the convenience of class times that fit your busy schedule.

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