Sell More with Basic Sales English

business English for sales

Do you need to learn some better business English for a sales position?

Are you a salesperson, sales manager or a director of the sales department in an international company or working with international customers?

Do you need to understand English speaking colleagues better?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then my customized business English lessons for sales professionals may be a huge help to you accomplishing your goals. Not only is it important to understand the language of sales and properly use words like:

How do Salespeople spend time

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Prospect
  • Prospecting
  • Sales call
  • Offer
  • Follow-up
  • Contract
  • Discount
  • Sales volume
  • Revenue
  • Customer engagement
  • Supplier
  • Credit terms
  • Mutually beneficial

If you want to learn to speak the language of sales in English then you will also want to know how to talk about sales strategy in English like prospecting methods and prospecting strategy. You will want to know what techniques to use for sales calls, presentations and follow-up. You may also need to be able to create PowerPoints and deliver a sales presentation of them in English. Specialized sales English courses can help you to understand and use the language of negotiations, presentations, expressing opinions, describing your product or services in English to prospects and potential clients. Ever wonder what that acronym or abbreviation means like VAT or CTR? I can help you with these. Do you know how to identify the right person you should be speaking with at a business who can make a decision about purchasing your product (the decision maker)? We can work on this too. How will you develop and track your sales strategy? How will you research your competitors and be able to compare your product or service to your competitors in English? You have to be able to express a number of ideas in English in order to effectively sell to your customers. If you are a sales manager or director of an English speaking sales force then you must be able to coach these team members in English. You will need to be able to properly communicate with your sales force in the common language of English so that you will know where your sales trends are headed and what obstacles are standing in the way of increased sales revenue for your company. You will find more information about our scenario based professional English lessons here. Try out a business English lesson specializing in sales English to improve your sales skills today!


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