Learn Business English: Some Example Business Idioms

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We have many exciting things happening at Professional English School this past week. We have two upcoming English webinars which will be free-
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We invite you to come and see what learning English in a group webinar class is all about. In the future we will be holding structured English classes online via webinar at a very affordable price.

We think that the best learning requires the best technology. This is why we make use of one of the best whiteboard systems in our English lessons in order to give you the best visual learning experience. Here is an example of some materials covered in one of our recent business English classes with a focus on accounting.For those of you who are interested in knowing what we teach to our business English students here are two examples of business idioms we have worked with recently:

“kick off”

Quite literally it would be to hit, knock or move something with your foot as in “I kicked off my left shoe.”

In business (and other events) there is a different (figurative) meaning.

We are about to kick off the meeting. (It means we are about to begin(start) the meeting.)

What time does the conference kick off? (It means what time will the conference begin?)


We were kicked out of the meeting. (It means we were told to leave the meeting.)

“off the cuff”

Literally- the cuff as in the sleeve of a shirt or jacket

He often says things right off the cuff.

It means- he doesn’t really think carefully before saying something. Saying the first thing that comes to mind.
It could mean-


The opposite would be: having a careful and well prepared response

If you are ready to join us in a one-on-one business English lesson please visit our Skype lessons page to sign-up for your personal business English lessons today!

Have fun learning English!

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