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Personalized Accounting and Finance English language training for busy professionals, motivated students and those who struggle with the traditional classroom environment.

Are you a busy working professional who needs to improve your English language skills but don’t have time to sit in a classroom?

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Are you a student who wants to increase your opportunities by studying accounting or finance at an English speaking university?

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Maybe you are too intimidated by the classroom setting and would prefer a more relaxed one-on-one approach to learning the English language.

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Professional English School offers both self-paced and individualized one-on-one courses of instruction in English for Accounting and Finance:

  • Learn over 400 new vocabulary in accounting or finance
  • Practice your pronunciation and usage with a native English speaker in one-on-one video lessons
  • Get a better understanding of accounting or finance topics with role-plays and scenarios

Would you like to know more about terms like:

Balance Sheet – A financial document that reconciles all the company’s assets with their liabilities and equity. The balance sheet provides a real-time view of the current profit/loss status of the company.

  • Current Assets – Capital that has immediate value (typically that which will be used within one year), including cash, inventory, or accounts receivable.

  • Fixed Assets – Assets with long-term value, such as land and property, tools and machinery, or vehicles.

  • Liabilities – All money and outstanding debts owed by the company. This could include accounts payable, loans, liens on property, or other long-term investments.

  • Equity – All capital currently invested in the company, including any profits that have been re-invested as retained earnings.

  • Accounts Receivable – Outstanding payments the company is currently owed by all customers/clients. (This is essentially anything the company bills out.)

  • Accounts Payable – Outstanding payments the company currently owes to suppliers, vendors, and creditors. (Essentially any bills the company still has yet to pay.)

Income Statement – A report that tracks the company’s revenues, costs, and expenses over a set period (typically quarterly or annually). This is also called a “profit and loss statement.”

  • Revenue – All incoming money from selling products and services or generated through a company’s additional assets. Also referred to as “gross income.”

  • Costs (of Goods Sold) – The total money spent to produce goods and services, including production, labor, storage, and material costs.

  • Expenses – Any additional money spent operating the company that’s not associated with the production of products and services. (Expenses are often divided into four categories: fixed, variable, accrued, and operation).

  • Net Income – The company’s total profit (or loss, if negative) once costs and expenses are subtracted from revenue.

If you said YES! then you have come to the right place. We have the technology, knowledge, patience and enthusiasm to help you improve your speaking and grammar while also increasing your vocabulary in business English.

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