Job interview/CV/resume/ LinkedIn Profile
Advising and Preparation

 Job interview/CV/resume/LinkedIn Profile

Job Interview Preparation in the English Language

Many of our students have experienced the stress and frustration of wanting to prepare for job interviews in English with western companies or their desire to relocate to an English-speaking country like the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.

In order to remove some of the stress in this process we offer to put our 17+ years of experience in the human resources field to help you polish your interview skills, boost your confidence in speaking English and expressing yourself during your interview.

Additionally, we give you actionable feedback so you know where your strengths are and what areas can be improved.

Our goal is to help you get that job you are looking for so that we can continue to perfect your English and pronunciation so you can advance along your new career path.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

CV/Resume Advising and Preparation

Your CV/resume is your introduction and the first impression that any company is going to have of you.

Therefore, if you are writing your CV/resume in English but it is not your first language how do you know that your CV/resume is free from mistakes and is representing you as the professional that you are?

For this reason, as part of our professional English for job search, we can review your CV/resume for mistakes, mis-wordings and offer valuable feedback so you can perfect

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LinkedIn Preparation

Do you know if your LinkedIn profile is free from errors in English?

Do you have a complete profile with all the relevant information that hiring managers will be looking for?

As a part of our complete job search preparation services we can conduct a thorough review of your LinkedIn profile to make sure you look professional and have the highest chance of getting that job you want.

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